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We are Italian Snack Foods, a young and dynamic company that wants to reach the ultimate satisfaction of every consumer’s need: eating healthy.

We develop and market innovative snacks with utmost attention to ingredients and the production process, in order to create products ideal for everyone, in which taste combines with well-being.

Guilt free revolution

Guilt Free Revolution

In recent years, the food market has being going through pivotal changes influenced, on one hand by the needs for "free from” diets and on the other the ever growing awareness and desire of consumers to eat, not only good products, but also ones that are healthy and genuine, anywhere and anytime.

This gave birth to the idea of creating a new category of products within the snack market that, focusing on innovation, raw materials, taste and well-being could lead to a guilt-free snacking revolution.

Transparent quality

Transparent quality

To understand the quality of the product, the ingredient’s list on the label is a great place to start; however, the origin and processes behind these ingredients are also very important points to consider.

Italian Snack Food uses carefully selected gmo & glyphosate free Italian ingredients, Italian not only for quality assurance, but also for sustainability and supply chain traceability.

The manufacturing processes aim to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties to offer the best quality to the consumer.

Traceable supply chain

We believe that traceability is crucial for food innovation and that consumers must be able to know every single step necessary to create the product itself.

Traceable supply chain Traceable supply chain Traceable supply chain

We work with a simple objective: to guarantee consumers healthy, high quality and traceable products.
For this reason together, we work with Italian farms that grow the best legumes for us, grown from northern to southern Italy, respecting the origin of the crops.



Mr Beans

is the first puffed snack created from 100% Italian legume flour. To ensure sustainability and traceability, we only use legumes from a carefully selected supply chain of production.

It is an absolute novelty among snacks.

Mr Beans is not fried; it is healthy and nutritious, but at the same time tasty and fun.

It is rich in proteins and fibers, with a reduced fat content. Ideal as a hunger cruncher, snack for aperitif, snack for children and for adults who are looking for the right protein intake.

Mr Beans comes in 5 taste variants: Classic, Sage & Rosemary, Cheese, Turmeric & Ginger and Wasabi.

Mr Beans the first …. Guilt Free snack!

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